For the interests of everyone’s safety, no backpacks or large purses are allowed in the venue, and small purses and fanny packs are subject to search by security upon entry. In addition, all individuals entering the theatre are subject to search. No outside concessions are allowed. There are no pets allowed in the venue, but “assisting” animals are permitted.

Binoculars are permitted.

Laser pointers are not permitted.

Smoking rules:

Arizona Federal Theatre is a non-smoking facility and no smoking is allowed within the venue, however, there are smoking areas outside the building that are available for certain events.

Camera policy:

Personal cameras are allowed in the venue, however, venue approval is needed for flash photography, video and removable lens cameras, which are not permitted otherwise.

Children’s policy:

Everyone must purchase a ticket – infants are not exempt from ticketing.

Ticket Policies:
For ticket policies and guarantees please read the Arizona Federal Theatre Tickets page.