Joe Bonamassa at Arizona Federal Theatre

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Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

Joe Bonamassa

The guitar gods were all ears to your pleas for a blues rock concert on this side of town, as this tour is nothing but heaven-sent. The deities of blues must've opened the gates of heaven to this side of town as highly esteemed guitar hero Joe Bonamassa will be cruising his way to the Arizona Federal Theatre on Saturday 2nd November 2024. Three-time Grammy nominee and Guitar World Magazine proclaimed “the world's biggest blues guitarist,” Joe Bonamassa plus his all-superstar line of professional and talented musicians will grace this concert stage this fall with a live performance of Bonamassa's career-defining catalog and critically acclaimed discography which include best-sellers like Blue Deluxe volume 1 and 2. The show will highlight the depth and breadth of Bonamassa's repertoire ranging from fan favorites to show-stoppers, down to the deep cuts. Get your weekend amped up for a spectacular evening of blues guitar magnificence from the blues master axeman himself. The quick and easy way to get tickets is right on this page. Make haste to book your tickets now!

Joe Bonamassa was truly destined to walk the path of guitar gods. One of his career highlights in his awe-inspiring resume began at the age of twelve as an opening act for no less than the legendary blues maestro, B.B. King. Joe Bonamassa shared the same stage with King in over 20 shows. He started his band called Smokin' Joe Bonamassa, playing and working gigs around western New York and Pennsylvania, even before the age of 18. Joe also put together a band called Bloodline where his bandmates were 'nepo babies' of Miles Davis, Robby Krieger, and Berry Oakley. Although Bloodline did not pan out as initially expected, it set the stage for Joe Bonamassa to showcase his unraveling guitar genius.

However, Joe's career path wasn't always paved with gold. In one of his interviews, Joe Bonamassa recalls the time when he made a last-ditch effort to stay afloat.
“If you had told me 20 years ago my career would last long enough to see the 20th anniversary of this little record called ‘Blues Deluxe,’ I’m sure I would have laughed,” Bonamassa recalls. “Blues Deluxe was my last shot after being dropped by two major record labels and my booking agent. It was then that my manager, Roy Weisman, had his first ‘all in’ moment. We would go back into the studio and record. A record that would hopefully define the direction of whatever future career I might have.”

Indeed, Joe Bonamassa has truly come a long way since. In a span of twenty years, he has managed to release fifteen solo albums under his own indie label, with eleven albums certified number one on the Billboard Blues chart. Joe Bonamassa is reputed to be one of the tireless concert artists among his contemporaries. He usually books about 200 shows per year, crisscrossing many parts of the US or jetting around Europe. With this, his catalog also includes numerous live albums and live performance videos. Joe Bonamassa is really at his best element when he performs live onstage. The electrifying energy and the connection with his audience fuel his stage presence and showmanship all the more. He has earned a staggering amount of rave reviews from music and concert critics, but at the end of the day, it's the audience's word that matters. Fans who repeatedly watch his shows, and even first-time audiences, give Bonamassa's performance a slew of superlatives that not only describe his genius, but more importantly how his music is always a refreshing experience that profoundly connects to their heart, body, mind, and soul.

And yes, eye-witnesses say that Joe Bonamassa takes time to chat and take selfies with his fans. Who knows you may be one of the lucky ones! Let the blues put a smile on your face with this speedy and simple way to score tickets. Book your tickets here and now!

Joe Bonamassa at Arizona Financial Theatre

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