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All healed up following last year's "HEAL" and its supporting world tour, the boys are back with an upcoming record that's bound to show their angst and different attitudes head-on. Dropping new tracks "Alive" and "Back to Me" off of their forthcoming album "DUAL", the South Korean indie-rockers are bringing new angsty attitudes and sides of their personalities live on tour. Slamming guitars and hitting hard beats to its new singles, fans can expect big sonic surprises as The Rose hops on stage, all healed up. As "DUAL" makes its big release real soon, the band is kicking off its matching tour - "Dawn to Dusk" this fall. Part of its North American trek is a stop at Arizona Federal Theatre on Friday, 10th of November. From heart-wrenching tales of healing through "Sorry", "Time", and "Sour", nights at Dawn to Dusk are set to unveil another side of The Rose. Make sure to save your spot at the show by booking your tickets now!

A year after staging their major comeback with "Heal", the South Korean indie-rockers, The Rose, are dropping their new LP "Dual" real soon. In anticipation of its official release, the boys gave fans a taste of what to expect with its new singles - "Alive" and "Back to Me". All healed up, they served a shocking dose of angst and hard-hitting beats. Kicking off a promising new era, they just announced the "Dawn to Dusk" World Tour with its North American leg kicking off this fall.

Teasing new visuals and hard-hitting bops, The Rose is on-track with revealing two sides of their stories with "DUAL". Dawn shares bright festive vibes, while Dusk brings in darker tones for the night.

"Dual is going from a totally different angle, definitely," Woosung shared with Rolling Stone. "We’re playing around with new sounds and tones. We’re going to have two sides to the album. The dawn side will be more exciting and have festival vibes, while the dusk side will be more mature with darker-sounding tracks. We want to showcase two sides of our genre and tones."

From buskers to globally-acclaimed rockers, The Rose proves that South Korea has more to offer, beyond its colorful and eccentric K-Pop scene. "Bands like us aren’t always viewed as being able to be successful," Dojoon shared in a conversation with Rolling Stone. Primarily driven by their indie-rock sound, The Rose definitely strays away from the mainstream crowd. "We believed in ourselves and our sound. And we didn’t want to receive songs from other people," Woosung added, recalling a time when a particular K-Pop writer remarked that their huge debut single "Sorry" was too slow and sad. They sure proved him wrong!

The Rose's "Sorry" soon became a defining moment in their career. Amassing global attention and debuting on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart, the world found itself rockin' to The Rose. "If we were going to do songs that other people were telling us to do, we would have already gone our separate ways," he added.

One thing's for sure, their music speaks for itself. Following a brief break from their legal battle with their former label and its members' military service, The Rose signed with Far East Movement's Transparent Arts. Having gone through a journey of highs and lows, this led to the release of their debut LP "Heal". "We created 'HEAL' for everyone in our community to heal together," Woosung shared. "I think it was a great start because that's the main message of The Rose: That the music is healing."

From "Sour" days and "Time" reflections, they're snatching everyone's healed hearts back with hard-hitting bangers coming real soon. As DUAL hits the stage at Dawn to Dusk, make sure to mark your spots by booking those tickets now!

The Rose at Arizona Financial Theatre

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