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Stephen Sanchez

STEPHEN SANCHEZ is taking his music that brings you back to the good ol' days of the '50s and '60s across the world on a global trek. This summer, the multi-platinum singer-songwriter is taking his retro-inspired art to the stage, telling the tale of his alter-ego Troubador falling in love with a woman named Evangeline. Stephen Sanchez & The Moon Crests are set to teleport everyone back to a time where timeless classics ruled the scene. Some sort of a flashback, he's taking the sound of the good ol' days to the Arizona Federal Theatre on Tuesday, September 17th. Known for his iconic and classic blend of retro pop, folk, and soul, it's unbelievable how a young artist at 21 years of age is able to replicate the same feeling that classic and timeless songs create. Get ready for his love anthems such as "High", "Be More", "Only Girl", "Evangeline", and "Until I Found You" live on stage. Book those tickets now!

Known for his music that takes you back in time, STEPHEN SANCHEZ is heading back to the road for a global tour. Now, he's set to bring his signature blend of retro inspired pop, folk, and soul hits that strike the heart. Together with The Moon Crests, he's set to serenade audiences, telling the tale of Troubador falling in love with a woman named Evangeline. His melodies and heart-fluttering lyrical wonders are bound to get you falling in love.

His series of tours follow the release of Sanchez's debut studio album "Angel Face" and its Club Deluxe version. The LP shares his newest hit singles and crowd favorites - "High", "Be More", "Only Girl", and "Evangeline".

If there's one thing that hits the spot with his music, it's the man's authentic feelings in every song. In a conversation with Grammy Awards about his breakout hit "Until I Found You", he shares how the track was actually inspired by his true feelings about Georgia, while breaking the news that they aren't dating anymore, he lives how other people attached their own love to the track.

"I didn't think "Until I Found You" was going to be anything more than what it was," he told Rob Ledonne of the GRAMMYS. "I wrote it about her because I loved her, and the fact that people have taken it upon themselves to apply it to their own love stories is beyond me. So it's really special and we need more than that. We need more truth in music!"

Beyond his retro-inspired music, Sanchez's live performances take audiences back in time, to the good ol' days of the '50s and '60s. Now, he's taking it all aboard his BIGGEST TOUR YET. At 21, he's got a bright road ahead of him in the industry. Amidst a sea of electric pop star energy going on, he's a breath of fresh air with his unique and classic-inspired groove.

"In 1958, Stephen Sanchez & The Moon Crests made their debut on the Connie Co Show! Now we close out this era in the most electrifying way we know— with our BIGGEST TOUR yet. Get ready to dive into the unforgettable experience of The Connie Co Show, baby," the man shared on Instagram.

As his nostalgic sound takes center stage, his old soul shines and strikes every heart in the venue. Skyrocketing to the main stream with his hit single "Until I Found You" in 2021, he sure is the next big thing. Even catching the attention of Elton John who invited Sanchez to perform with him at Glastonbury 2023, he sure is a shining star with a retro heart in the modern age.

"There’s a lot of mystery and lore and romance and heartache. It’s full of all the things that make up every single day if you decide you want to be in love with somebody," he told NME about his album.

Get ready to fall in love as the man takes his music to the stage, across the world. It's happening live at Arizona Federal Theatre on September 17, 2024. Book your tickets now!

Stephen Sanchez at Arizona Financial Theatre

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