Palomazo Norteno at Arizona Federal Theatre

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Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

Palomazo Norteno

Palomazo Norteno are bringing their timeless catalog of memorable music all the way to Phoenix, Arizona at the Financial Theatre this summer on Friday, July 5th. The famed Mexican band are setting off on a tour all across the map with dates in California, Texas, and Arizona, among others. Famous for their regional Mexican sound, the band has grown in popularity not just in their home country, but all over the world. If you’re a fan, grab your tickets to see them in Phoenix now!! You never know when they’re going to sell out, so get them right now!!

Regional Mexican music refers to all of the genres that originate within Mexico as well as some parts of the United States. Its definition is quite loose considering it’s an umbrella term, but there are a few bands fronting the genre and popularizing it across the globe. Palomazo Norteno is one of them!

With their blend of musical influences from mariachi to contemporary Mexican music, they have a sound that is never replicated. Come and experience their vibrant music in person - it’s an out of this world experience. Tickets are available now, so get them online today!!

In 2022, fans were blessed with the gift of another album by Palomazo Norteno - “PALOMAZO NORTEÑO (En Vivo Desde El Domo Care)” The album is the band’s latest and greatest, with songs that became instant hits among fans. Now, it’s every dedicated listener’s golden opportunity to hear these songs in person. Witness one of the most celebrated regional Mexican bands live and sing along to their most notable tracks. It’s time to have some summer fun - so go ahead and buy some tickets for a performance like no other!! Tickets are available online right now!!!

Palomazo Norteno are masters at what they do. Their unique norteno sound is so perfectly authentic to the genre’s past and present as it continues to evolve. Norteno music is a subgenre of regional Mexican, and it’s essentially the country music of Mexico. There are no better norteno musicians than Palomazo. They keep to the themes of classical artists in the genre while also bringing in a contemporary flair. There is simply nothing like their live performances; you simply have to see it to believe it, and now’s your chance! So grab some tickets right now to see them live in Phoenix!!

It isn’t nearly common enough to have a Mexican band performing in venues across the US. Arizona, however, has quite the population of norteno fans, so this upcoming date in Phoenix is bound to be a crowd. It’s going to be so amazing for Palomazo Norteno to experience - being in a theater full of people who love the music of their culture this far away from home would bring a tear to anyone’s eye. What’s most difficult to tell is who will enjoy it most; the band… or their fans in the crowd, singing along to every word. If you want to be a part of this magical moment, grab your tickets to see Palomazo Norteno live in Phoenix, Arizona!! Tickets are on sale now, so get them before they’re gone!!

Palomazo Norteno at Arizona Financial Theatre

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