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Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

One Hallelujah

Deepen your faith in the Almighty through powerful gospel music this April 19 as One Hallelujah lineup of Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Jonathan McReynolds, Erica Campbell, Israel Houghton, and Jekalyn Carr bring Christian music to the heart of Arizona. Catch these award-winning artists in an evening filled with vibrant and spiritually uplifting music. Hearing Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s “You Know My Name,” Jonathan McReynolds’ “God Is Good,” and all the uplifting songs from the rest of the artists will surely bring you to a place of pure spiritual bliss. Let their music fill the Arizona Federal Theatre with praise and worship. If you love Jesus and you want to celebrate his greatness through soul-stirring music, this show will feed this yearning of yours. So be sure to spend your Friday evening this April 19 at the Arizona Financial Theatre to experience a memorable night of worship and praise. Secure your tickets today. Check out your tickets by hitting the “Get Tickets” link.

Gospel music is the genre most characterized as being soulful. This is especially true with black gospel music which has maintained the relevance of the genre in the Christian music scene. The artists of this niche are known for their approach that is heavily influenced by African musical roots like jazz and blues, which are paired with dominant vocals. Through the years, many names hugely contributed to such a moving and devotional style of music. Among the contemporaries that have huge roles in the genre are Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Jonathan McReynolds, Erica Campbell, Israel Houghton, and Jekalyn Carr. They are the best in the scene currently and people are lucky because they have joined forces for "One Hallelujah," a once-in-a-lifetime concert and the best collaboration gospel music fans will ever witness.

Tasha Cobbs Leonard took the Christian music scene by storm with her Grammy-winning song "Break Every Chain" in 2013. Since then she has dominated with hit albums like "One Place: Live," "Heart. Passion. Pursuit.," "Royalty (Live at the Ryman)," and "Hymns." Growing up singing for the church, she honed her talent under the ministry she was in and toured around the country when she was younger.

Treading the line between R&B and gospel, Jonathan McReynolds has found the formula for the most uplifting Christian music in the scene today. This was evident when he captured mainstream attention with his debut album "Life Music." He followed this up with a searing sophomore entitled "Life Music: Stage Two" in 2015, which was more successful. Building upon the achievements of the prior albums, he then released "Make Room" in 2018. His upward trend did not stop there and reached new heights in the 2020s when his song "Movin' On" won the Grammy Award for Best Gospel Performance/Song.

One of the greatest artists of gospel music today is Erica Campbell. Before becoming an established solo artist, she became phenomenal as part of the legendary gospel group Mary Mary. During the 2000s, she and her partner Warryn Campbell were the best duo on the scene with consistent top-charting albums and multiple Grammy wins. When she decided to branch out to a solo career, it was not surprising for her to gain immediate success. Her debut "Help" was a heavy hitter and brought her first solo Grammy Award.

In a way, the successes the contemporary black gospel artists receive today are partly thanks to the trailblazers of the past. One of these people who opened doors for the next generation is Israel Houghton who united the Christian music scene which was once separated based on culture and denomination. He is best known for the classic "Whisper It Loud."

Among the youngest breakout artists of the scene, Jekalyn Carr was only 15 when her song "Greater Is Coming" climbed up the charts. Her music is inspirational with "Changing Your Story" as the most successful. She released a self-titled album in 2023.

Catch these stellar gospel artists on their "One Hallelujah" at the Arizona Federal Theatre on April 19. Buy tickets now!

One Hallelujah at Arizona Financial Theatre

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