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The Grammy-nominated Icelandic-Chinese singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Laufey, is taking her pop-jazz fusion hits to the live stage. Following the release of her newest album "Bewitched", she's got fans going crazy over her newest songs. Winning the hearts of fans around the globe with "From the Start", "Promise", "Bewitched", and "California and Me" with the Philharmonia Orchestra, it's bound to be an unforgettable night with Laufey at the Bewitched: The Goddess Tour slated for the new year. Going around the world, part of her new trek is a stop at Arizona Federal Theatre on Monday, April 15. Her new tour dates follow the singer's sold-out North American trek, and her fast-selling European tour slated for February. As fans look forward to celebrating her critically acclaimed studio LP, magical surprises await every attendee. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

Grammy-nominated artist Laufey is set to perform a career-defining set of shows in support of her critically-acclaimed album, "Bewitched". Staging concerts around the globe, including iconic venues, she's stoked to share these big milestones with all of her followers. Her initial North American leg was completely sold out, and she just announced extended dates, giving more fans the chance to take part in the celebration.

Laufey released her sophomore studio LP "Bewitched" on September 8th of 2023. The album was met with massive success, peaking at #3 on the Icelandic charts, #23 on the US Billboard 200, and #1 on the US Jazz charts. Known for her jazz-infused sound, Laufey upholds her love for the genre with Bewitched, making new listeners feel bewitched with her alluring lyrical tales. She isn't shoving jazz down people's throats, she's out here to cast spells, introducing the magic of jazz to modern mainstream listeners.

Laufey recalls that her all-out jazz and symphony tracks from her first album were the ones that really won the hearts of listeners. For Bewitched, she jumped into that sonic headspace, without fear of losing her Gen Z audience. "I think Gen Z is a generation of really, really open-minded individuals, especially when it comes to music," she told Grammy in an interview. "I've found that friends and kids this age will listen to anything, really, as long as they can find some sort of line of relatability. That's what they care about,"

Relatability. It isn't just about serving trendy beats, synths, and sounds. It's about reliability. Jazz may be a niche these days, but Laufey's bewitching jazz-centered music is definitely relatable, and that seals the deal. "Even though I'm writing songs that sometimes sound like old jazz standards, the lyrics are very modern; they're my personal experiences from this day and age. I think that relatability is what connects young listeners," she explained.

Bewitched gained Laufey's first-ever Grammy Award nomination, for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. Critics shared how Laufey is on the path to bringing Jazz back to the mainstream scene, with Billboard claiming that she just created Jazz's blueprint for success in this modern age. Now, she hopes to unite people around the globe to give Jazz a chance.

Filled with excitement, Laufey is jet-set to bring her masterpieces to the stage, around the world. Don't miss out on the Bewitched: The Goddess Tour by booking your tickets now!

Laufey at Arizona Financial Theatre

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