Judas Priest’s Invincible Shield Tour at Arizona Federal Theatre

Judas Priest's Invincible Shield Tour Tickets

Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

Judas Priest's Invincible Shield Tour

The metal forces will collide and come crashing down on the Arizona Federal Theatre on 18 October 2024! The metal gods, Judas Priest, will be bringing it all and more, with their Invincible Shield Tour!

Undeniable and unsurpassable: few bands managed to scale the heights Judas Priest has during their 50-year career, and they’re still at that all-time high, delivering the goods every single time, unparalleled, undisputed, and unrivaled.

Judas Priest just dropped their new album, “Invincible Shield”, rocking as hard as ever. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famers will be hitting the road with special guest Sabaton to blow horn-raising crowds away with some new metal anthems alongside the classics in the most metal, head-banging, and intense must-see concert of the year!

Tickets are priced to go from only $94, so don’t procrastinate; get your tickets right now and bring the next generation with you!

Judas Priest is raising the invincible shield over North America, bringing it all – leather, studs, and the music that shaped the sound of heavy metal as we know it!

The new album, “Invincible Shield” dropped in March 2024 – the first release in six years, after celebrating 50 years of music and selling 50 million records globally. The first single from the album, “Panic Attack”, is set to be released on 13 October 2024.

The mighty Judas Priest stepped into the music scene in 1974 with their debut album, “Rocka Rolla”, but it was their 1977 album, “Sin After Sin”, that rocketed them to the top. The metal gods, during the years, gave shape to the sound metalheads love in bone and soul - from progressive structures to complex, heavy guitar passages, from poetic lyrics and shifts in dynamics and tempo, from the use of powerful double bass drums to rapid bass rhythms and strong, soaring, high-pitched vocals - becoming the crucible in which genres such as thrash, power, death, and black metal were forged.

Apart from Judas Priest’s influences on the development of heavy metal music, they were ranked by MTV as the second-greatest heavy metal band of all time. They have received multiple accolades, including a Classic Rock Roll of Honor Award, a Grammy Award, two Kerrang! Awards, and three Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards. Judas Priest was inducted into the Hall of Heavy Metal History in 2018 and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2022.

Judas Priest is an almighty heavy metal institution, and in true fashion, is set to feed the jam-packed crowd at the 5000-seat Arizona Federal Theatre some non-stop metal - from horn-raising epic cuts such as “Painkiller”, “Breaking the Law”, “Living After Midnight”, and “Hell Bent for Leather”, as well as new metal anthems from their latest album, “Invincible Shield”, such as “Panic Attack” – until the metal hunger has been satisfied. Whether you book your tickets for the main seating, club seating, or balcony, with the second-to-none sound and lighting mixed with the artistry of true metal legends, you’re in for one hell of a show!

The Swedish power-metal veterans, Sabaton, will be tapping into their iconic smashers, such as “The Last Stand”, “The Attack of the Dead Men”, and “The Unkillable Soldier”.

Judas Priest's Invincible Shield Tour at Arizona Financial Theatre

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