John Mulaney at Arizona Federal Theatre

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Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

John Mulaney

Yoooo, hold up! Your NYE just went from ZZZ to lit real quick because John "SNL-killer" Mulaney is coming to Phoenix! That's right fam, December 31, 2023, the big boss of laughs is hitting up the Arizona Financial Theatre for his epic tour. Grab your ticket quick cause this is gonna be THE event to kick the FOMO.

We're talking full-on concert vibes here! The kind of laughter that hits you in the LOLs, leaves you ROFLing in the aisles, and, if you're really on that level, robbing you of the ability to even. I mean, think about all his greatest hits: "Salt and Pepper Diner", "Horse Loose in the Hospital". Brb, dying just thinking about it.

This concert is more than just a comedy tour; it’s an EXPERIENCE. That ticket is your passport to a whole other dimension where everything is funnier, life makes less sense and your only job is to laugh till you split your sides - like seriously, bring a surgeon.

So, don’t just sit on 'the couch' binge-watching his Netflix specials, join us in person for an unforgettable night. Say peace out to 2023 with the funniest man in comedy. It's John Mulaney, baby, and he's about to drop the final ‘mic’ of the Year!

Hold onto your hats, Mulaney-maniacs! The king of comedy, the sultan of satire, the trailblazer of top-notch humor, our very own, JOHN MULANEY, is massaging our funny bones with his rib-tickling rendition of comedy. A new year unwind isn't complete without a hearty LAUGH, and who better to serve up the punchlines than Mulaney himself? A night you honestly DON'T want to miss.

Mulaney. In Concert. LIVE, folks. We’ve got words, sure, but they ain’t enough to paint the glorious picture of what’s COMING THIS YEAR-END! If ticket sales from his previous tours are any indication, you can expect to be part of a SOLD-OUT crowd, a sea of HA-HA-HA’s and ROFL’s stretching as far as the eye can see.

Killer jokes? Check. Insane crowd? Check. The countdown to his concert’s like waiting for the ball drop, but BETTER. Get ready to bid adieu to 2023 on a high strong note of LAUGHTER. The New Year's Eve Comedy Extravaganza – gets you right in the FEELS, doesn’t it?

If you've had the pleasure to witness Mulaney in action before, you KNOW what this tour promises; if you haven't, ask a friend, an enemy, a random stranger on the street - cause this isn't just a ticket to a concert, guys, it’s a ticket to HILARITY! As Emmy Award winner and laugh-bringer extraordinaire, Mulaney is in his prime and ready to make you GUFFAW like you never have before!

Now, let's TALK about the venue: Arizona Financial Theatre in Phoenix, this gem is a bucket list location. Known for its exceptional acoustics and intimate vibe, having a giggle in this iconic location is like tickling your eardrums with joy. Plus, its convenient location in downtown Phoenix puts you smack-dab in the heart of the city’s New Year's Eve celebrations. SCORE, right?!

It’s a NIGHT to remember, a memory to cherish, an experience to RELISH. It ain’t just comedy, it’s a MULANEY-SHOW. A level of 'ha-has' that you won’t find anywhere else. We're talkin’ true, pure, unadulterated MULANEY-MAGIC, ARE YOU READY?

So call your squad, grab your tickets - BANG, WHALLOP, just like that, you're part of the COMEDY EVENT OF THE YEAR. Strings are being pulled, tickets are being snagged. THIS IS IT, PEOPLE! Live, laugh, love, and let’s BRING IN 2024 with the hilariously intoxicating John Mulaney. Say it with me now, GET THOSE TICKETS!

John Mulaney at Arizona Financial Theatre

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