DPR at Arizona Federal Theatre

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Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona


Here’s something interesting for K-hip-hop and R&B fanatics – Dream Perfect Regime brings forth a brilliant series of gigs across North America and it’s featuring the heavy hitters under its helm! The Dream Reborn World Tour features DPR Ian, DPR Cream, and DPR Artic! This fall, they’ll be jumping on a global trek that happens to include 14 cities in North America! Just these prolific performers over in Arizona as the trio make their way into town to conquer Arizona Federal Theatre! Expect trailblazing tracks as DPR serves up a storm of smashing hits on Monday 16th September 2024! These performers are currently at the melting pot of revolutionary pop, hip-hop and R&B infused masterpieces! Seeing them perform live would not only be a bragging right amongst Kpop fanatics, but you’ll also bear witness to amazing modern music artistry from Asia! So hurry and don’t miss out by securing your tickets now!

Don’t mistake this as your typical K-pop show, because it’s not! Although Kpop by is great, DPR has something much more at a genius level in store. This showdown featuring two Korean music industry vets and a newcomer is surely a sight to behold. Expect top-tier vocals, brilliant rap lines, and excellent produced tracks as these performers bring underrated but trailblazing work to the big stage. The show at the Arizona Federal Theatre is sure to have audiences blowing up with excitement – DPR Ian and DPR Cream are greatly known for their on stage charisma. Of course, as former Kpop idols, you wouldn’t expect anything less! But now that they have found their true sound as artists and have developed their own characters, you’ll be able to witness just why these performers remained at the top of the game years after debuting.

For starters, DPR Ian’s incredible artistry and superb showmanship should be enough to bring you in. The man has brilliantly created his own massive following through online efforts and without the backing of a major label, might we add.

DPR Ian has established himself as one of the most mysterious but beloved artists in the Asian music circuit. He’s also collecting a massive amount of Western listeners upon his hits like “Don’t Go Insane,” “No Blueberries,” “Ballroom Extravaganza,” and “Nerves.” Now, thanks to Spotify and TikTok, DPR Ian’s exhilarating talent and creativity were discovered by millions of music fans as being rave worthy. Hence, the man has successfully completed solo tours and headlined major festivals like Head in the Clouds, VERY, and have performed phenomenal sets in Lollapalooza, Coachellla, and more.

DPR Cream is also an esteemed rapper and producer. He introduced himself to the K music circuit in 2019 with the single, “Voyager 737.” Now, he has dropped a brand new effort, psyche: red, an incredible body of work featuring hit singles, “Savage” and “Darling.”

Lastly, DPR’s not so new talent, DPR Artic has also released his debut album, Kinema.” The incredible effort features viral single, “Do or Die,” which also happens to feature DPR Ian. A producer of DPR since 2019, Arctic has recently debuted as an artist. He now joins DPR Ian and DPR Cream on a highly coveted Dream Reborn World Tour.

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DPR at Arizona Financial Theatre

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