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Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

Bryson Tiller

Prepare to be engrossed by the sensational sound waves of R&B as Bryson Tiller graces the stage at the Arizona Financial theater, on Monday, May 20th, 2024, in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. With ticket prices starting at a mere $127, this is your golden chance to witness the Grammy-nominated sensation behind the platinum hits "Don't" and "Exchange."

Bryson Tiller, a maestro of modern Soul and R&B, will enchant you with his velvet vocals and deeply emotive tunes. His acclaimed album "TRAPSOUL" thrust him into the spotlight, forging an unbreakable bond with fans around the globe. Let his voice echo with your spirit, echoing the passion of hits like "Sorry Not Sorry" and "Run Me Dry."

Click the 'buy tickets' button now and secure your passage to an evening with Bryson Tiller—a narrative written in rhythm, a history in harmony.

The Bryson Tiller Tour

The realms of modern R&B and Hip-Hop have reached a turning point  as Bryson Tiller, a Grammy-nominated musician, has announced not only the release of his much anticipated album, appropriately named Bryson Tiller, but also a North American tour with 30 shows scheduled for the spring and summer. This album will define the next chapter in Tiller's successful career and is scheduled to drop on April 5. Tiller has also dropped the lead track from the album, "Calypso," which is certain to wow listeners all around the world.

Bryson Tiller

Since his explosive debut, Bryson Tiller has captivated the hearts of music lovers with his honest storytelling and unique tunes. Garnering Grammy nominations and critical acclaim, Tiller's artistry has launched a new era in the R&B scene. His impressive discography features not just fan-favorite albums but also chart-topping singles like "Outside". His recent self-titled album, "Bryson Tiller," is another marker for his ever-growing musical prowess. guests can expect an award-worthy performance that showcases the moving depth and raw talent that have earned Tiller a revered spot in the modern musical landscape.

Arizona Financial theatre Information

The Arizona Financial theatre, with its long tradition of showcasing stellar concerts, sets the perfect stage for an artist of Bryson Tiller's caliber. Boasting a 5,000-seat capacity, this venue is equipped with top-tier sound and lighting technology, enhancing every performance and creating lasting memories. While specific details like seating arrangements and amenities are a staple, guests are encouraged to reach out to the venue directly for inquiries, ensuring a personalized experience tailored to their needs and expectations.

Ticket Information

Secure your spot at this prestigious event and witness Bryson Tiller's entertaining performance live. Tickets start at a reasonable $127, ensuring accessibility to a broad audience. To guarantee authenticity and a smooth transaction, purchase your tickets through Ticket Squeeze by clicking the "buy tickets" button.

Bryson Tiller at Arizona Financial Theatre

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