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Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

Brett Goldstein

Turn your Saturday evening into a night of comedy gold this April 6th as Primetime Emmy Award winner Brett Goldstein blows up the Arizona Federal Theatre! The actor’s sold-out “Second Best Night of Your Life” Tour is going for a second round this 2024, with over a dozen new dates added to the trip’s North American itinerary. So stop second-guessing and grasp this opportunity to come face-to-face with Coach Roy Kent of Apple TV’s Golden Globe and Peabody Award-winning series “Ted Lasso!” A multi-talented man of many talents, Brett Goldstein’s gonna kick you into wheezing fits of laughter with the sharp wit he’s been flexing as writer and co-creator of the acclaimed comedy-drama “Shrinking.” He’s gonna get creative with his language, too, and whimsical with his wisecracks, leaving absolutely no doubt in your mind that he’s stand-up comedy’s next BIG thing. Book your seats now and behold Brett Goldstein on the stylishly sophisticated stage of the Arizona Federal Theatre!

Brett Goldstein’s a man on a mission, and that mission’s circling back with 13 new must-see performances just for you! Lighting strikes twice in our headlining comedian’s wildly popular “Second Best Night of Your Life” Tour as it extends its North American outing in response to riotous demand, arranging an appearance at the Arizona Federal Theatre this April 6th.

“Whether he’s poking fun at his own self-destructive habits or discussing his disbelief at elements of society as a whole, the punchlines always hit as genuine… That’s the thing that makes ‘The Second Best Night of Your Life’ so charming. You're watching Brett Goldstein, purely in his element, baring it all on the stage.”

How often do you get a chance to meet a foul-mouthed fictional football coach in the flesh? Answer: Not often. So do the right thing and watch the guy behind fan-favorite Roy Kent of “Ted Lasso,” the Peabody and Golden Globe Award-winning sports comedy from Apple TV+. Drawing inspiration from the iconic character, Brett Goldstein will show you the sheer comic skills that earned him awards from the Primetime Emmys, Screen Actors Guild, and Writers Guild of America — quick wisecracking quips wrapped in creatively colorful commentary that’s definitely NOT for children’s ears.

But this show goes WAY beyond that. It will also present our headlining muppet superfan’s penchant for outlandish yet gut-busting dark humor, an evidently made connection considering his writer and co-creator credits in the critically acclaimed dramedy “Shrinking.”

Brett Goldstein’s humble roots in stand-up comedy have fatedly led him to become the powerhouse icon he is today. Apart from his aforementioned TV roles, the artist hosts the long-running podcast “Films to Be Buried With” and made a cheeky little mid-credits cameo as Hercules in Marvel’s “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

The second-best night of your life awaits! Take the hour-and-a-half experience head on this Saturday, April 6th, in Brett Goldstein’s LIVE stand-up special at the Arizona Federal Theatre. Our hosting venue features top-notch acoustics, seats, and sightlines to a stylish stage, all maintained to perfection for up to 5,000 roaring fans. Tickets are out - grab yours now!

Brett Goldstein at Arizona Financial Theatre

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