Blippi Live at Arizona Federal Theatre

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Arizona Federal Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

Get ready to shake those wiggles! Blippi, the little kiddos' best friend, is making his way to the live stage! Hopping on an adventure to discover what makes amazing cities special and unique, Blippi is bringing along a special guest, Meekah, at Blippi: The Wonderful World Tour. Bringing along monster trucks, excavators, and garbage trucks, the wonderful world is hitting the stage at Arizona Federal Theatre on Saturday, 9th of December 2023. Performed by professional actors, the show promises amazing new music, monster trucks, and the Blippi mobile! As the kids' quirky best friend in an orange hat teaches a thing or two about wonderful cities, everyone's in for an awesome adventure! If you've been looking for the perfect family-friendly show with limitless adventure for the little ones, Blippi: The Wonderful World Tour is the perfect time to shake those wiggles off! You gotta' book your tickets now!

Blippi Live at Arizona Federal Theatre

With an orange hat and a pair of glasses, kids definitely know who Blippi is. As their best friend who took them around museums, amusement parks, fire stations, busses, excavators, and garbage trucks, he's the lad who taught the kids how to count, identify colors, sing, dance, jump, and play right off of their iPads or TVs.

As Blippi explores the wonders of different cities with Meekah at Blippi: The Wonderful World Tour, kids are in for an adventure of a lifetime with an amazing tour guide, teacher, and friend.

Presented by Round Room Live and Moonbug Entertainment, Blippi's newest tour trek brings back the eccentric lad's adventures and hunger for discovering new things, live on stage! Having amassed billions of monthly views on YouTube, you can bet that Blippi has taken millions of kids around the globe across amusement parks, museums, and fire stations, while teaching them the alphabet and how to count right at your very home.

Loved by children around the globe, you definitely can't miss out on taking the kiddos to see their hero live on stage. "With new music, characters, monster trucks, and even the Blippi mobile, we're thrilled to bring Blippi to even more kids and families around the world in a brand new show," Stephen Shaw of Round Room Live shared.

"It's very special to witness the love that our fans have for Blippi and his buddies, and the joy this beloved character brings to families around the world," shared Susan Vargo from Moonbug Entertainment.

Inviting the whole family to jump, dance, and sing along as they discover what makes cities special, Blippi: The Wonderful World Tour promises new music, adventures, and monster trucks live on stage. It's surely the perfect time to bond and play with the little ones!

"Our live experiences bring families together to make memories that will last a lifetime. With Blippi: The Wonderful World Tour fans can expect catchy music, lots of dancing, and a whole lot of fun!" added Vargo.

With a mission of bringing families together, Blippi's definitely a lad whom you can trust to have everyone experience a great adventure from their very seats. Don't miss out on wonderful cities and big surprises at Blippi: The Wonderful World Tour by booking your tickets now!

Blippi Live at Arizona Federal Theatre

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