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Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

The Marias

One of the most versatile bands of the modern age is coming to the Arizona Finacial Theater. The Marias promise to get everyone vibing with a hint of slow blues and the typical indie-pop songs they’ll be performing on stage. They take the stage in Phoenix on Saturday, July 20th, 2024. This show is going to be part of the band’s Submarine Tour, which is promoting an album of the same name. If you’re a fan of the band, you’ll want to make sure you catch up on their new music before you attend the show.

The ladies from Automatic will be the opening act on that Saturday in Phoenix. They bring a unique style of their own. In theory, they're a rock band with some electronic music influence. It's similar to late 90s British rock. They'll have the crowd going by the time María Zardoya and the boys take the stage.

The full Submarine album for The Marias drops at the end of May, although some of the singles have already been released. No worries, though; you’ll have until July to check out the latest from the band. That Saturday, July, at the Arizona Federal Theater can be the perfect date night for the hopeless romantics among us. Make sure to click the get tickets button as early as possible. The band is very well-liked in Arizona!

The Marias is a band formed out of love. That’s not just a corny thing that they want to put out there because it goes along with a lot of their music. It started as a duet in a sense with María Zardoya, the lead singer, and drummer Josh Conway. They met at a show, and then they started dating and writing songs together. You have to be quite a bit in love to start a band with your GF and get other dudes to buy into the idea that the group’s going to be named after her.

On top of that, a lot of your songs are going to be about love. Some of them are even going to be in Spanish. If you want to get even more romantic about the whole thing, only love could’ve created such a musical act. All of those feelings are going to be in the air on Saturday, July 20th. That’s why we’re saying it could be one of the best date night ideas for the summer.

When the tunes to “Otro Atardecer” their hit song alongside Bad Bunny, start playing the crowd’s going to go wild for a bit … then they’ll get in the groove of the music. That’s probably going to happen a lot on this night in Phoenix. It’s a bit of The Maria’s signature. Even in their English songs they have that blues feeling almost mixed with some sounds that can be reminiscent of electronic music even. Then they’re out here singing about love! They’ll go from English to Spanish on a dime. It’s hard to describe the experience in general because there just aren’t many bands out there that can do it like The Marias.

Some people get really hyped about outdoor summer concerts. In Arizona, though, you’ll want to thank everything that is holy that you get to be indoors enjoying the show. The Financial Theater is a very modern facility with a capacity crowd of 5000. You and your date will be sitting in some padded seats just vibing with The Marias. Get your tickets for this night; the show promises to be a good one!

The Marias at Arizona Financial Theatre

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