Lamb Of God & Mastodon at Arizona Federal Theatre

Lamb Of God & Mastodon Tickets

Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

Lamb Of God & Mastodon

Oh, Yes! My Brothers and Sisters in Metal, you haven’t seen a tour like this since 2007!!! And if you did see that tour, you will remember these bands were the support! Get ready for the heavy sounds of LAMB OF GOD & MASTODON LIVE! Friday, August 23rd, 2024, Arizona Federal Theatre will be ground zero for an epic celebration of two monumental albums that shaped the metal landscape forever! This is the ASHES OF LEVIATHAN TOUR, and the perfect way to honor both Lamb of God's, "Ashes of the Wake" and Mastodon's, "Leviathan."

But wait, it gets even more insane! Opening for this colossal tour is none other than the legendary Kerry Fucking King, former guitarist of Slayer, along with the UK metalcore powerhouse Malevolence! This is King's first tour since Slayer's retirement in 2019, and you know it's going to be nothing short of legendary! So, grab some tickets right fucking now.

On August 31, 2004, Lamb of God and Mastodon released the albums, Ashes of the Wake, and, Leviathan, respectively. And now, 20 years from that date, these two bands re-unite in a clash of sound to commemorate these absolute legendary, masterpieces of modern metal, in the "Ashes of Leviathan" tour.

Fresh off their 2022 release, Omens, and subsequent tour of the album. Lamb of God, are back with something a little older, a little more mature, 2004s runner-up Best Album of the Year by Revolver magazine, oddly enough, coming in just behind Mastodon's Leviathan. Ashes of the Wake, is an album brimming with blistering riffs, powerhouse vocals, and politically charged lyrics. This album solidified Lamb of God's place as one of the most formidable forces in modern metal. Get ready for the intensity of classics like "Laid to Rest" and "Ashes of the Wake" live and in your face!

Mastodons last album, Hushed and Grim, was out in late 2021. But this year they are instead bringing you back to the depths of the ocean. Named Record Of The Year 2004 by Kerrang! and included in the recordings of the decade by National Public Radio in 2009. The monumental concept album, Leviathan, takes you deep into Herman Melville's "Moby-Dick," filled with crushing riffs, a dark undertow of melodies, and ethereal storytelling. This album will leave you yearning for the seas of old, brace yourselves for the hits, "Blood and Thunder" and "Seabeast."

Join Lamb Of God & Mastodon, along with Kerry King and Malevolence at Arizona Federal Theatre this August 23rd, for a night of pure metal mayhem, and mosh pits! Experience the raw energy, and finger blistering solos that defined Lamb of God and Mastodon's legacies for the past two decades, as both of these legendary albums will be played all the way through!!!

Get all your old friends together and re-assemble the crew for an insane gathering of metalheads, a celebration of music, and a testament to the enduring power of heavy metal! Tickets are selling fast, so grab yours now and secure your spot in metal history! Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness two metal titans unite for the ultimate celebration of Ashes and Leviathan. See you in the pit!

Lamb Of God & Mastodon at Arizona Financial Theatre

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