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Jacob Collier

Get READY, Phoenix! Superstar virtuoso Jacob Collier is coming to the Arizona Financial Theatre on May 16, 2024. Picture it: The intoxicating authenticity of Collier's live harmonic sound STIRRING your soul. From sultry serenades like "In My Room" to rhythm-rich classics like "With A Little Help From My Friends", you're in for a night you'll never forget. IMAGINE being wrapped within layers of notes, plunged into an ocean of harmonies - now that's an experience! PLUS, Collier is known for delivering shows that blend generosity and humor with musical prestige. Don’t just hear about it; be a part of it! Don’t just watch; FEEL the music. Don’t dream, DO IT! Life is too short for missed opportunities! It's TIME to snap up those tickets and prepare for an unforgettable, heart-thumping, soul-satisfying night! Come, join the drama, join the thrill, and remember - music, like life, isn't the same when experienced second-hand.

Groove lovers, jazz aficionados, and music enthusiasts, smell the vibe in the air? It’s the scent of brilliance headed your way with Jacob Collier's concert at the Arizona Financial Theatre on May 16, 2024. Known for his revolutionary and explorative genre-bending musical escapades, Collier's show promises aural pleasure and scintillating beats that’ll keep your feet moving all night long. A concert which ain't your run-of-the-mill music performance!

As the lights dim and Collier hits the first corky note, you’ll be swept up into a world where jazz, electronic, classical, and soul collide in harmonious chaos. With the air pulsating with fiery tenor riffs, sublime harmonies, and eclectic energy, you're about to have a wildest ride into the ingenious world of Jacob's music and so much more.

About Jacob Collier

Who on earth is Jacob Collier, you ask? Well sit yourself down because you ain’t ready for this symphony of achievements. A multi-Grammy winner (no biggy, eh?), Jacob's music constantly shenanigans with your heart's chords, melting, lifting, and thrilling it, note after note. His live performances are a spectacle of flamboyant energy, music wizardry and immersive artistry that push the boundaries of what’s possible on stage.

Listening to Jacob ain't like listening to another musician; it's more like tuning into energies, vibrations, and waves that seem to sculpt emotions into melodies and harmonies. He's an unconventional maestro who picked up popularity for his mind-warping, multi-track, YouTube performances. Fasten up for a night of musical revelations folks!

Arizona Financial Theatre Information

Nestled in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, the Arizona Financial Theatre has been dishing out top-notch performances to its patrons since forever. You get to sit in some plushy seats in this gobsmackingly awesome venue with killer acoustics - sounds fancy, yeah? And to cap it off, it has got state-of-the-art lightings and all the tech toys to make sure the show is nothing short of spectacular.

A word to the hungry souls; an assortment of the yummiest local delicacies is not far away. With its ideal location, the theatre is surrounded by an eclectic mix of eateries that’ll surely satisfy your hiccupping tummies after the night’s excitement.

Ticket Information

So how do you ensnare a place at this not-to-be-missed event? Easy peasy! Tickets are available at the box office of Arizona Financial Theatre. But wait, why hustle when you can just as easily secure your access with Ticket Squeeze? With their low prices and even lower fees, it's the smartest choice for reselling tickets. And the best bit is they’re just a click away!

Gear up for a mind-blowing night - secure your tickets, strap on your dancing shoes, and get ready to get loose with Jacob Collier. Music high incoming in 3, 2, 1…

Your musical journey of a lifetime awaits. Don't miss out! Get your tickets now!

Jacob Collier at Arizona Financial Theatre

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