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With a new album "In Search of The Antidote" embracing a journey towards catharsis, FLETCHER shares music that investigates fulfillment, navigating life's chaos towards healing. Her new hits "Eras of Us", "Lead Me On", and "Doing Better" signify vulnerability and growth, diving deep into life's utter realities. As an unapologetic introspection on healing and post-breakup feels, her album has sent oceans of tears to listeners around the world. Now, she's taking the album for a live spin, announcing the North American leg of her global "In Search of the Antidote Tour" this fall. Part of her extensive trek is a stop at Arizona Federal Theatre on Sunday, October 6. Special guest Maude Latour will join Fletcher on stage. From her breakthrough single "Undrunk", Fletcher reigns as one of the world's queens of breakup anthems. Striking every emotion spot-on, her live concerts serve as a catharsis of healing, uniting every heart through the power of song. Don't miss out on "In Search of The Antidote" live on stage. Book your tickets now!

FLETCHER is kicking off the U.S. leg of her "In Search of the Antidote Tour" this fall. Her sophomore album, released earlier this year, navigates the chaos of finding healing and strength amidst life's tough moments. The previous year sent her searching the antidote to life's pains, and she's found vulnerability, hope, and strength through song. The self-reflective album has surely sent her fans to tears, and no one does post-breakup anthems like Fletcher.

"US! Adding you to the roster for 2024," she shared in a statement. "So happy to be back on the stage and traveling across the country to see your faces singing back my songs. I have dreamt my entire life of playing some of these venue."

Her global tour features a roster of up-and-coming artists as her special guests. All dates in the U.S. leg will feature rising queer pop artist Maude Latour.

"Whether she’s name-dropping her ex’s girlfriend or intimately detailing past relationships, FLETCHER’s unhinged pop ethos has made her no stranger to causing an internet frenzy, and her sophomore album is set to be no exception," The Line of Best Fit shared in their review of the album.

Back in 2022, Fletcher released her debut LP "Girl of My Dreams". It followed the release of her single "Becky's So Hot", a breakup anthem dedicated to her ex-girlfriend's new partner. Following a year of healing, Fletcher took the time put her thoughts into song, embarking on a journey of "In Search of the Antidote". The album sent listeners to tears, and every track reflects the singer's journey of introspection. We've been guessing if "Maybe I Am" is about unsolicited opinions about her, or if she ran into her ex at a concert on "Eras of Us".

In a conversation with Them, an online LGBT magazine, Fletcher shares how there's a false narrative surrounding the concept of healing, assuming ‘Everything's all sunshine and rainbows’. "But it’s also about the mess of it all, ’cause the human experience is messy, and it doesn’t make sense, and it’s not a linear journey. So to be able to say that this album is the most chaotic I’ve ever been and the most healed I’ve ever been feels really true," she explained.

"Over the years, I’ve looked for the antidote in so many things: women, the road, the stage, fans, spirituality and self-reflection," she shared via Women In Pop. Following a year of healing physically and emotionally after her previous single "Becky's So Hot" may have caused an uproar, the iconic woman is back, and ready to share what she's found.

"I think what I found is that the ultimate antidote is love and all of its infinite manifestations," she told Women In Pop. Explaining how her previous records were more of pointing fingers at certain angles of "You did this" and "You knew this", her new album takes her on a journey of self-reflection, "the finger is pointing back at me". She explained how real healing begins when you ask yourself tough questions that explore the truth and "core of who you are and why we’re here."

The truth may hurt, but it's what opens the self to real and authentic healing. Now, she's ready to hit the stage in her biggest tour yet. "Performing live and writing the songs are my two favourite parts about all of this. So I can’t wait to come and just bring this record."

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Fletcher at Arizona Financial Theatre

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