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Straight out of Nashville, one of the world's best indie pop-rock acts is heading back to the stage. With a new album coming right up, COIN is keeping it real, and they ain't afraid of music anymore. The band's new album "I'm Not Afraid of Music Anymore" is scheduled for release this September, and they gave fans a taste of what to expect with their vulnerable new single "Strawberry Jam". Overcoming fear and chasing truth, Coin's music finds the trio at their most vulnerable state while sharing the same dynamic energy they're best known for. Now, fans are hooked, and the band has announced a slew of tour dates kicking off this fall. Part of the I'm Not Afraid Of Tour Anymore is a special stop at Arizona Federal Theatre on Monday, February 24. Get ready to sing your hearts out as COIN performs their best hits and new anthems on stage. Book your tickets now!

Indie pop perfection, the iconic band COIN is gearing up for the grand release of their new album "I'm Not Afraid of Music Anymore". The brave & new record shares their newest song "Strawberry Jam", sharing the band's most vulnerable state while delivering their signature dynamic energy. Moreover, as the album comes out this September, the band is hitting the road for the I'm Not Afraid Of Tour Anymore, coming to major cities across the U.S. and Canada. Get ready for the massive return of Coin's spectacular live concerts!

Overcoming fear and chasing truth, the band opens a new chapter in music. The upcoming album marks their fifth release, joining their roster of beloved albums "COIN", "How Will You Know If You Never Try", "Dreamland", and "Uncanny Valley".

"We wondered, ‘Why is it so difficult to say what you mean and mean what you say?" Chase Lawrence shared. "We said, ‘Let’s just make an album where the three of us say what we mean, mean what we say, and distill COIN to its simplest, rawest, most authentic form.’ We led with the truth."

They've always been honest in their music, and that's how they've got fans sticking around over the last decade. It's real good bops! Five albums in, they aren't in search of fancy schmancy ways hit #1, they's out here having fun and making music that they truly love.

Keeping the ball rolling, COIN is stoked to bring their hits and new anthems on tour. Just as their hit single "Talk Too Much" goes, their fans definitely can't hold it in any longer... We need to hear what Coin has got behind their backs!

"We’ve experimented with a lot of new things, a lot of new methods. We’re trying to get back to what it felt like at the beginning," Chase told The Bucknellian. "I think that’s the mission of our band, for sure. I feel like we’re on our way to like, the thesis of our band,"

As "I'm Not Afraid of Music Anymore" present the band at their most vulnerable and bravest point in their career, we're in for a wild ride with Coin. Don't miss out on their live shows 'cause they ain't afraid of a tour anymore. They're here to have some fun! Book your tickets now!

Coin at Arizona Financial Theatre

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