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The 21st century has showcased the competencies of women. With an increasing rise of powerful women in society, there has been a steadfast growth of equality. Women have proven their strength in leading organizations, communities, and movements. One of the most inspiring women in today’s world is none other than Lynsey Addario. As a war photojournalist, she continuously steps into a life of chaos despite having a family to come back to. She often talks about balancing a life of love and war with one ultimate goal: to spread awareness. Lynsey Addario is keen on setting an example to other people, encouraging them to share a helping hand to victims of wars.

This 2024, Lynsey Addario will share stories about everything she has seen and been through at the Arizona Speaker Series. She is the featured speaker on the 10th of January, 2024. The Arizona Speaker Series: Lynsey Addario will be held at the Arizona Federal Theatre. Tickets are available here by clicking ‘get tickets.’

Lynsey Addario has experienced several close calls over the course of a career that has included two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and more recently in Ukraine. She has also been on trips to Cuba, India, Pakistan, Israel, and Libya. She was injured in a car accident in Pakistan in 2009 after being temporarily kidnapped in Iraq in 2004. But her second kidnapping, which occurred in Libya in 2011, has come to define Addario's career as a woman photographer, for better or worse. This incident also served as the inspiration for her biography and brought her photography to the attention of people all over the world.

“I was having conversations with Aperture about trying to do a photo book. I found out Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros had been killed in Libya. It threw me for a loop,” she said in an interview with Time Magazine. “I had survivor’s guilt. It sort of brought back the trauma of my own experience in Libya in a way that was even exacerbated. I didn’t shun photography, but I felt I needed to tap in into something different.”

She released her first book, an autobiography, which showcased the horrors she has seen and been through. Her work focuses on shedding light to the way life goes on in war zones, particularly for women in the area. It proves the resilience of women throughout these hardships. “As a photographer and as a journalist, I am privy to people’s most intimate moments and it’s always been surprising by how much people open up to me,” she said. “All of these moments – women giving birth, women talking about rape – are incredibly personal and incredibly private.”

Learn more about Lynsey Addario as she shares stories and advocacies from her decades of experience in the field. The night will leave you in awe - second guessing the privileges you are welcomed with today. Tickets to Arizona Speaker Series: Lynsey Addario are available here by clicking ‘get tickets.’ This highly-anticipated speaker series may sell out soon, so secure your spots before it’s too late.

Arizona Speaker Series at Arizona Financial Theatre

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