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Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

Andrew Schulz

Andrew Schulz is heading back to the road. Taking "The Life Tour" for a special night in Arizona, the man is set to cause bursts of laughter at his show on April 20. The "Infamous" comic is bound to stir hilarious spiels and honest conversations on stage. Feeding the world's hunger for laughs and ultra-raw honesty, his takes on relevant topics including politics and current events are always appreciated by his fans. Exploring life's utter chaos in this day and age, the tour explores the man's complex mind, giving fans a fair share of laughs and deep reflection on humanity's ins and outs. By the way, if you think a Schulz show is all about cracking jokes and laughing out loud, you're in for a surprise; you might even shed a tear! Don't miss out by booking your tickets now! We got you covered.

Taking audiences on a wild ride, and sharing his complex mind at theaters nationwide, Andrew Schulz is proud to present "The Life Tour". His new stand-up trek takes his brand of raw honest comedy to the stage. With every realm of thought sharing complex and hilarious takes on humanity, fans are in for his surprising conversations of everyday life, politics, and current events. Exploring life's beautiful chaos, it's bound to be endless nights of laughs, striking thoughts, new perspectives, and even tears. It's all happening at The Life Tour.

He's the REALest man alive. Straight out of NYC, Schulz found his way across the globe, taking his unfiltered thoughts to the stage. With a roster of record-breaking sold-out shows and hundreds of thousands in attendance for his previous tours, he's a comic globally-sought after. Though he's had his fair share of controversial bits, the man is keeping himself real.

Recently, his "Infamous" special was a hot topic in the metaverse. He bought back the rights to his show after a streaming platform wanted to censor his work. He ended up tripling his money back after self-releasing the said special.

"Some of you probably know this about me, I’m a very stubborn guy, so long story short, I took my f—ing life savings and I bought my special back," he said. He sure is a real guy. Nobody and no corporation is getting in his way of producing real and unfiltered comedy antics. "I think people like real authentic comedy, and I think that they would prefer that than some watered down corporate boardroom bullshit," he added.

He knows that some of his jokes could be "too offensive" and could cause "too much backlash". Although, he shares that his fans "seem to really enjoy these jokes," Well, his content is indeed made for his own audience, and he believes that this is the real deal. Though facing controversy and backlash a couple of times, he remains grounded in producing his REALest comedy content.

Exploring life's chaos at The Life Tour, he's definitely set to bring everyone a sense of LIFE on stage. Save your spots at his jam-packed show by booking your tickets now! We got you!

Andrew Schulz at Arizona Financial Theatre

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