Thunderbolt Boxing at Arizona Federal Theatre

Thunderbolt Boxing Tickets

Arizona Federal Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

What better way to spend your Saturday evening than rooting on your favorite team while enjoying their exhilarating performance LIVE? We can’t think of anything either. That’s why you might be glad to hear that the unmissable Thunderbolt Boxing will hit the arena of the most renowned and illustrious sporting venue in Phoenix and throughout the area as well. Arizona Federal Theatre will deliver one of the most exciting square-offs of the year, and sports enthusiasts in the know are already securing the finest seats to enjoy this sports adventure to the fullest. You and your close ones can easily join them with just one click on the Buy Ticket button below. Make sure you don’t miss this exclusive chance to have a front-row view of this clash of sports gians on Saturday 18th September 2021!

In case you don’t mind treating yourself with exquisite sports delights – the upcoming announcement might be of interest to you. Phoenix is about to get heated on Saturday 18th September 2021, as the legendary Thunderbolt Boxing makes a stop at the city’s most renowned sports hall. Arizona Federal Theatre has built a well-deserved reputation throughout the years for delivering some of the most cutting-edge sports events in Arizona. This September makes no exception and any genuine sports enthusiast in the know will be there to experience it! The ticket holders will be offered a sheer diversity of perks that will enhance their stay in Arizona Federal Theatre, such as neat facilities, authentic decor, premier acoustics, unlimited amounts of refreshments and a world-class event personnel to boot. Apart from a valid ticket, the guests are recommended to bring just one thing with them – their high spirits. So, grab yours now, hit the Buy Ticket button and gift yourself with this unsurpassed Saturday evening out!

Thunderbolt Boxing at Arizona Federal Theatre

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